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Flagship Recruitment is based in Central London, at the heart of the financial world, where we are capable of communicating effectively with the principal market. Additionally, we also operate across the nation with networks at the other major financial centers in Bournemouth, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds and Birmingham.
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your career

An important factor in expanding your career is finding an employer that not only utilisies your skills, but allows you to grow within the company. While the financial district can be competitive, we’re determined to put you into a position to succeed within the company that you find your future in. A win-win situation.


your personalised online CV

Create and maintain your Flagship Recruitment profile. This will include your current employment status and responsibilities, your work history and professional qualifications, and also your career aspirations: Everything that a prospective employer wants to know about you.


We value our candidates

For that reason, we will only find opportunities that suit you. We value your career as much as you do, which is why we won’t stop until we find the perfect match.


Carefully selected, targeted opportunities

There’s no point recruiting an employee for a position if it ends up being a poor fit which is why we strive to ensure all parties are satisfied.

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