About Us

Flagship Recruitment is a unique, speciality, financial services agency. Founded by James Burn, our CEO, following several years experience within the recruitment field, and with a strong bias towards finance professionals, today Flagship Recruitment contacts and recommends candidates that are the top of the class so both the employee and employer leave happy. With experience working across the UK, Germany, France & Switzerland, James has been able to create a financial services recruitment firm with a very different approach to the norm, setting aside the industry standards and trailblazing on his own. Flagship Recruitment is based in Central London, at the heart of the financial world, where we are able to communicate effectively with the principal market, but, additionally, we also operate across the nation with networks at the other major financial centres in Bournemouth, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds and Birmingham.


As a highly experienced firm, dealing with one of the fastest-changing environments in the world, our deep knowledge and understanding of the Regulations governing the Financial Sector helps us to work that much more closely with our clients and more quickly locate the right opportunity.


Other recruitment firms may offer a similar service, but only Flagship specialises in the field of Compliance involving financial institutions. This ensures you that your candidate will be a perfect fit and will provide a specific skill set that will make an ideal match. We know that work culture is just as important as work skills as well. Flagship focuses on finding the perfect employer who will allow you to fit in seamlessly, encouraging both parties to continue to grow together.


Our Employer database is focused purely on the very best Compliance Professionals within Banking & Insurance, and to maintain the highest standards, and this reputation, we constantly review and revise our network to ensure that our opportunities are well prepared, up to date, and appropriate for the Client Instructions we receive.


We specialise in the following services:


  • General Management
  • Statistical / Actuarial
  • Finance
  • Strategy
  • Compliance
  • Technology
  • Underwriting
  • Sales, Marketing & Development
  • Claims
  • Administration
  • Legal