We’ll begin with the essentials. What is your name and contact information?

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You can upload a photo if you like. This will just be for your profile. It won't be included on your CV.


We now need to know where you’re based and where you’re willing to work. This is so that we don’t waste your time or ours by considering you for opportunities based in cities you don’t want to commute to.


What kind of position are you looking for?

What we want from you here are keywords and detail. We want keywords because that’s what we’re going to conduct an initial search on. So for instance, if we’re looking to fill an audit role, we’ll initially filter all profiles that have the word ‘audit’ somewhere in this field. However, we also want detail because we’ll then review all of the filtered profiles to determine which ones are actually a match for the position.

Again, we don’t want to waste your time by contacting you about opportunities you have no real interest in, so the more that you can tell us here about what you actually want from your next challenge, the better that is for both of us.

Finally, if you’re not interesting in any new opportunities currently then just leave this field black – you can always update this when your circumstances change.

Professional Qualifications

If you have some then let us know as we’ll be sure to make them prominent on you CV. If you don’t then just leave this field blank.


This section concerns your employment history. We’ll begin with your current or most recent position. To start we need job title, relevant dates, and the company name. Then we need a brief description of the nature of your duties. Finally we need approximately five succinct bullet points detailing, in order of relevance, your most salient achievements during your time in this role.

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